Life can introduce unexpected complications that make it difficult to maintain relationships, work, and otherwise function in a way that allows you to live life fully. Do you find yourself engaging in behaviors out of compulsion or anxiety rather than consciously making choices of your own free will? Do you find that impulsiveness or anger derails your life or that depressive symptoms or anxiety restrict your interactions and ultimately limit the way you would actively choose to live your life? Do you rely on substances to help you feel relaxed or to lift your moods? Do you find that your relationships tend to evolve into conflicted, unsatisfying interactions?

Substance dependence, anxiety, depression, bipolar symptoms, and relationship conflict significantly alter your experience of life and relationships. Psychotherapy and, when appropriate, medication can help to re-establish order so that you see your life in an entirely different way that allows you greater mindfulness, such that you are making decisions about your life rather than simply reacting to impulses.

Sometimes professional help can intervene with patterns of thought and behaviors that have become self-destructive and limiting. I invite you to explore the real change that can come of meaningful psychotherapy and to engage in a discussion about your life and how you are living it. The goal is to live life in a more mindful way- to interact with others meaningfully and to develop yourself in a conscious, thoughtful way.