Medication Management

When appropriate, psychiatric medications can be life-changing. Advances in psychopharmacology have helped countless people live fulfilling lives despite long histories of debilitating depression, bipolar symptoms, anxiety, or substance dependence. Advances in medication have allowed for effective treatment of symptoms, typically without debilitating side effects. Importantly, however, medications are generally only one component of comprehensive treatment that involves gaining greater insight into one’s behaviors and engaging in meaningful behavioral change.

The approach to treatment is holistic, meaning that a psychiatric evaluation is not an assumption of need for medication. Rather, an evaluation requires a thorough review of history, symptoms, and level of functioning to determine the cause of symptoms and to arrive at a comprehensive plan for treatment. When appropriate, medications may be recommended. However this recommendation comes only following a careful review of the potential side effects, as well the potential benefits, of medication.

Dr. Dudas is trained in psychopharmacology. She understands the significance of treatment with medication. Medications are not started or maintained without a review of its benefits and potential side effects.